As the largest waterfall, Victoria Falls is one of the most spectacular in the world, presenting an awe inspiring beauty on the Zambezi River. The locals call this curtain of water, 1708 meters wide, the “Smoke that Thunders”. Its roar can be heard from 40 kilometers away, while the spray and mist from the falling water rises up to 400 meters and is visible from the distance of 50 kilometers. In the rainy season over 5 million liters per second of water plummets over the cliffs into a massive gorge 100 meters below.

Dr.David Livingstone, the Scottish missionary and explorer, is believed to have been the first European to view Victoria Falls on 16 November 1855. Livingstone named his discovery in honor of Queen Victoria.

The falls and the surrounding area have been declared National Parks and a World Heritage Site, thus preserving the area from excessive commercialization. As one of the world’s most sought after tourist destinations, Victoria Falls has its own airport, town center and is surrounded by a variety of wildlife reserves.